Three boys from the civilised centre of an isolated landmark that is sometimes considered part of Australia -- - Hobart, Tasmania. These young men have spent most of their formative years in this regional city; a cold, windswept town built on convict labour and a strong maritime tradition.

The band hold their strength in a surprisingly heartfelt and unashamed guitar sound, full of emotional, gut wrenching singalongs - then transposing this into a contemporary Australian music scene.

Their colleagues range from popular sensations like Gold Class and Royal Headache to the darker sounds of Kitchen's Floor and The Native Cats, and to this they bring a true honesty and simplicity that is hard to find in today’s world. They are interested only in their music and the reaction it sparks in their audience.

Nothing could make Will, Johnno and Callum smile more than a packed and sweaty basement, swaying to distorted melodies and yelling themselves hoarse with joy. Wether this honesty is a product of regional isolation, a good musical heritage or simply a reminder of good human behaviour, it makes for some seriously catchy and uplifting music.