The Maraby Band

Years ago in a cold Edinburgh flat, a homesick Dave Blumberg woke after having a bizarre dream of narrow gauge railways, inland oceans, oilskins and society beauties. Somewhat recalled from the mist of reality, the vision became a song shakily assembled of ringing sixths and sevenths. From that song tumbled forth a swag of others that were written down and then forgotten.

In August of 2015, on a trip to an abandoned family property called Maraby in the remote Flinders Ranges, South Australia; Blumberg and his producer, Pat Telfer, resurrected these songs and began to document them properly. With the help of engineer and violinist Tom Spall and percussionist James Mannix, the music coagulated into a cohesive canon of clarinets, crashes and crying guitars.

 Thus, The Maraby Band was born.

These songs are not tawdry Australian parochialism, they are pure fantasy of an alternate “rêver” of the outback; of mallee, mountain, steam, dreams and love. Their offering for the Split Singles Club, Strangely it Seems, is a straight love song from a winding world distant to our own. Dig the liquorice sticks. Stay tuned for a full-length LP, Gertrude, to be seen late 2017.